If you are small, you can only get a small network assignment (slow start),
as you will be running into the Great Wall "Internic" even with a request
for a /22, and if you really succeed with your /22 or /20 assignment,
you will have to discover that the conspiracy of the big 6 (laugh!) might
have decided you are not worthy, and to go route what you got to yourself
and don't expect them even wanting to know about it. If, on the other hand,

Even being big won't help. I know of a certain multinational company
that has just spent $15M on lines and routers covering Europe (30 cities)
and was only allowed to get a /19 since that is what one gets when one is
new to the block, irregardless of whether you are in one city with a 256kb
line to Dante or Ebone and 32 modems or whether you are a planning on
being a big player (since, I guess, everyone comes along and shows how they are
a *big* player). So this company went out and bought out a European
ISP with a class A and has now solved its IP address shortage.

Kai Schlichting
Internet Project Manager, BelCom, Inc.

Hank Nussbacher