Unreachable via Comcast ASN 7992; Looking for Help or Contacts

Hello NANOG,

A few hundred of our users that use Comcast in the South East United States (other regions aren't affected) are unable to access our websites in the IP block Based upon testing with the users, they're getting a destination unreachable from a Comcast backbone router in ASN 7922:
be-16-pe03.56marietta.ga.ibone.comcast.net [] reports: Destination net unreachable.

We're not a customer of Comcast, nor are any of our ISPs. Because of this, we can't find anyone at Comcast to look at this issue nor do we have good contact info to even reach someone. Our users in the South East can open tickets with Comcast technical support, but you can imagine how successful they are trying to explain this to frontline support and getting frontline support to understand.

Is anyone from Comcast on the list that can assist or know of a contact?

Chad M. Reid, Network Administrator II
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