2024 NANOG Committee Appointments

NANOG Community,

I am excited to announce that 34 NANOG members accepted appointments to a committee. So many highly-qualified volunteers from the NANOG membership were nominated for this year’s committee selection, and we personally thank each NANOG member who offered their time.

As an organization, NANOG was founded by volunteers who developed a quality forum for North America’s operator community. Despite the growth in NANOG’s programs, volunteers greatly outnumber professional staff. The volunteer-only committees drive many of the ideas for growth and development in the organization and community as a whole.

Please join me in congratulating the appointed committee members:

Audit Committee

Tom Beecher, Jason Bothe, Stevan Plote, and Charles Rumford

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

Jon Eikel, Moira Johnson, Toni Kalombo, Tina Morris, and Yingzhen Qu

Education Committee

Hosein Badran and Paul Emmons

Elections Committee

Fearghas McKay and Chris Rogers

Hackathon Committee

Aaron Atac, Kate Gerry, Ryan Hamel, Toni Kalombo, Fearghas McKay, Dhairyasheel Patil, Aaron Roth, Charles Rumford, Steve Ulrich, and Chris Woodfield

Mentorship Committee

Jon Eikel, Darrell Newcomb, Ivo Pascucci, Justin Ryburn, Matt Petach, and Wendy Leedy

Program Committee

Nagendra Nainar, Krassimir Tzvetanov, John Brown, Elizabeth Culley, Kate Gerry, Alex Latzko, Fearghas McKay, Steve Meuse, Yingzhen Qu, Arul Sekar, Steve Ulrich, and Jeffrey Zhang

We are truly excited to see what develops for NANOG over the next year working with these volunteers.

Please also join me in thanking and recognizing the many contributions of committee alumni who have termed out:

Audit Committee

Alan Hannan

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Evan Breznyik and Marcus Holt

Education Committee

Alex Bortok, Ron Kovac, and Reddy Urmindi

Elections Committee

Calin Miculescu, Mauricio Rodriguez, Inga Turner, and Leo Vegoda

Mentorship Committee

Ron Grant, Edward McNair, and Reddi Urmindi

Program Committee

Melchior Aelmans, Kam Agahian, Aaron Atac, Jason Bothe, Marcus Holt, Manish Krishnan, John Kristoff, Charles Rumford, James Shank, Mike Starr, and Chris Woodfield

Volunteer participation from these members on NANOG committees developed new programs, brought new ideas and new methods into practice, and helped to evolve the NANOG organization. We would not be where we are without their time and contributions.

We look forward to continuing working together to build the Internet of tomorrow, and hope to see you at a NANOG conference soon!


Valerie Wittkop

(On behalf of the NANOG Board of Directors)