2013.02.06 NANOG57 day3 afternoon session notes posted

I put the notes from the afternoon session up on
my website--but thanks to a great suggestion by
Jay, I'm also putting them up on the nanog.cluepon.net
site on the wiki, so that as folks spot my typos, they
can fix them themselves, rather than wonder why
goodle.com doesn't resolve for them, etc. ^_^;

for now--not sure if the final URL for the notes
on nanog.cluepon.net is set or not, so I'll wait
to send it out until I'm sure I'm not just pointing
at a temporary staging spot. :slight_smile:

Great conference, some really good material;
looking forward to the next one; with any luck,
I won't be a manager anymore by then, and
won't be smack-dab in the middle of reviews. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, everyone--see you in 4 months!