2013.02.04 NANOG57 day 1 afternoon notes

Notes from the afternoon session, including
the community meeting, but minus most of
the BCOP presentation have been posted:


it looks like apache2 serves up about 100
connections, then wedges. :frowning: No time to
troubleshoot it, but i'll try to check back
once an hour and kick it in the head.

Thank you Dave, our hero of the day for
making sure the WCIT talk contents did
*not* get sealed behind closed doors!

round two begins tomorrow morning, bright
and early. :slight_smile:



Thanks very much (as always) for the great notes! Extremely helpful.


Glad they're useful--wish I could have been there, the social
tomorrow night sounds like it will be absolutely stellar, in true
Snowhorn fashion! :slight_smile: