2008.02.19 NANOG 42 Lightning talk #7 freenum.org talk

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2008.02.19 Lightning talk #6


INOC-DBA for the rest of the world

use DTMF handsets to talk to SIP-based

Central SIP proxy
endpoints are all register or "static" routed
Great for its purpose
scales well to expected small environment.
Adds ASNs to dial string.

only works with entity with ASN

Goes from least specific to most specific.

Problem with using telephone numbers;
E.164 numbers tied to taxation, assignment,
regulation issues.
Can't give everyone with email an E.164 number.

You can't delegate E.164 numbers; only hierarchy
is geography/subgeography.


256 is in an ITAD number
RFC3219 (TRIP)
allocated by IANA, no charge
32 bit number.

DNS used for all data delivery
control can be delegated to the org or
wildcarded for ease.

in SIP notation

it's like ENUM; uses same protocols for lookups;
but zone is delegated out to individual companies.

Doesn't solve SPIT--just a pointer system.

about 600 ITAD participants
2+ years in testing
self administration web pages up now.
48 nations, many higher ed, high end networking folks
using it.

get ITAD from IANA
publish your NAPTRs in the freenum.org zone

compatible with asterisk, and other dump sip
systems. many scripts available for your
platform for gatewaying calls.

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