2008.02.19 NANOG 42 100Gig standards progress notes

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2008.02.19 NANOG42 10 gig standards track update

Ted Seely starts off the meeting at 10:00 on the dot;
please fill out your surveys!
There is a green jacket that is in the lost and found
pool, if you recognize it, come claim it.

survey is also online at www.nanog.org

IEEE update on the 100G standard first, and
then a panel later.
One panelist is missing in action.

802.3ba The next generation

IEEE P802.3ba

customary slide showing he's not representing
IEEE formally.

Higher Speed Study Group became the P802.3ba
task force

Major compromises worked out around the July 2007
plenary session.

voted to adopt both 40G and 100G

It's now an official task force; ba is both
40G and 100G
One amendment to the specification, both will
be delivered at the same time.
You may see 40G a bit before, but the same
spec will be delivered for both.

Will do everything ethernet does already,
Provide appropriate support for OTN

100G won't do 1m backplane
40G MAC won't do 40km SMF
not sure about 10km SMF for 40G
Rest are checked off on both:
10m copper, 100m OM3 MMF
the 10km SMF will definitely be there for 100G;
not sure about 40G

Architectural issues being debated in IEEE
is solution n lanes of multiple lambdas, or
multiple PHY option?

See green_01_0108.pdf for more details on

For OTN, which is vague, the IEEE and ITU will
work together to map 40G and 100G to map into
the ODU tiers; 40G maps into ODU3
define new ODU4 for 100G

For physical spec, defining how it will work
on the wire; will use backplane 10GBASE-KR most
likely as basic spec for 40G for copper.

For fiber, much clearer; either parallel or
ribbon for MMF, WDM for SMF most likely.
The 10km and 40km for 40G seems to be making
it into a WAN connectivity option rather
than just the server aggregation as anticipated.

What will it look like architecturally??
same for both speeds?
What about management?
need to define test patterns, parameters, etc.

10G project spanned from 2002 to 2007; this
is an even bigger project, so it's no wonder
it's stretching out for a while; anticipated
2010/2011 completion date.

Ad hoc efforts started in 2005-2006; about
halfway through the process now. Standards
board should have spec finished by Q2 2010,
with hardware out a year after or so.

Future meetings for 2008 mapped out; first
draft, 1.0 will be written in September.


check URLs from the slide deck, he went way
too quickly through them to see.