2006.06.05 NANOG welcome notes

(getting my notes from today's talks out, finally. :slight_smile: ; --Matt)

2006.06.05 Welcome notes

Program chair, Steve Feldman
Thanks to Rodney Joffe, Neustar/Ultra services

People who were instrumental in getting connectivity
into the room here deserve a big round of applause

NANOG program committee,
Joe Abley
...wow, slide went fast. ^_^;

Agenda changes--none so far.

Remote participation:
streaming options:
multicast MPEG2, ???

network security
don't use cleartext passwords!
do use end-to-end encryption (ssh, vpn)
PGP key signing
see link off www.nanog.org for details
Beer and Gear tonight.

Interpreting badges
Blue badge: steering committee
yellow badge: program committee
red badge: mailing list committee
green = blue + yellow

Green dot == peering coordinator
Black dot == network security
red dot == PGP signing

Lightning talks
six 10 minute slots available
on-topic for mailing list
signups http://www.nanogpc.org/lightning
deadling is 12:30pm tuesday
talks will be wednesday morning.

Over to Rodney Joffe now.

Welcome to NANOG 37
Almost the NANOG that wasn't.
significant effort, thanks to Merit and others;
an uphill battle, both from time and location.
Encourage other people to host!
Not expensive, just takes time.

Benefits of Hosting:
choose the location (sort of): much easier to do
at home. if you wait too long, you don't have a
choice of venues.
Tee-shirt: you get to pick designs for it!
Wonderful engineering opportunties!
NANOG Community--you get to give something back
to the community. He's hosted through three
companies now over time.
Exposure--touched on by Randy and Bill yesterday.
Generate favourable goodwill for your company;
it's not a marketing event, but still gets name out.

Network Architecture
Plan A:
Existing SBC/ATT OC12 at demarc
cool! we should be able to get connectibity real cheap
Nope: SJCC exclusive licensee says $10K charge to access
ย ย it, even if gear is donated.

Plan B:
AboveNet GigE at the DEMARC, hot but unused,
and owned by AboveNet from an earlier conf.
Nope: SJCC exclusive licensee still has mandatory
$10K access fee

Plan C:
Hilton has fiber run to SJCC infrastructure
OK. Let's use microwave to connect Hilton to
MAE-WEST 55 S. Market st.

Plan C:
Microwave from the Hilton to Joe Pucik's 13th
floor office at mae-west
fiber from 12th floor to 2nd floor meet me room
cross connect to S&D
across S&D fiber to PAIX Palo Alto to Jared Mauch/NTT

But... 55 S Market == Faraday cage. :frowning: No signal.
FC quality glass.

Plan D:
Tango 54mb microwave from hilton to Dave
'Bungie' Rand's 18th floor penthouse roof
at 50 west san fernando
fiber from bungi to switch and data PAIX,
to Jared Mauch at NTT.

Hotel wasn't the biggest challenge, connectivity
First thing you need to do after picking a hotel
that can handle 500 people, 200 rooms. ONLY pick
hotels that have fiber with someone you recognize
from NANOG.
Second thing is to make sure there aren't any
access or use fees that have nothing to do with
the equipment or bringing gear in. Otherwise,
you find there are interesting charges that can
be levied against you as you progress!

Shout outs:
Jared Mauch
Christopher Queseda
Joe Pucik?
Ralph Whitmore
Dave Rand
UltraDNS and Neustar Volunteers!

$10,000 colo space--picture is evil.
Other end is the penthouse of the Knight Ridder
building. Nice shot!