2001:590::/32 announced by both AS4436 (nLayer) and AS4474 (Global Village, no contact in whois, but seems to be nLayer...)

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[cc: to hostmaster@arin.net, maybe now it will get their
attention instead of going into /dev/null]


Here is some operational content, instead of Packet Kiddies
trying to rape each other verbally :wink:

According to Toshikazu Saito (Powerdcom):

I know both ASs, 4436 and 4474 are yours, so
nlayer should resolve this problem or respond to this.


OrgName: Global Village Communication, Inc.
OrgID: GVC-8
Address: 1144 East Arques Avenue
City: Sunnyvale
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 94086
Country: US

ASNumber: 4474
ASHandle: AS4474
Comment: The information for this ASN has been reported to
Comment: be invalid. ARIN has attempted to obtain updated data, but has
Comment: been unsuccessful. To provide current contact information,
Comment: please e-mail hostmaster@arin.net.
RegDate: 1995-03-08
Updated: 2003-07-31

The reason for the above was that we are currently seeing
2001:590::/32 announced by both AS4436 (nLayer) and AS4474
(Global Village Communication) but apparently this is the
same company and apparently they are using the bogus ASN.
Bogus as it has no valid contact information

See telnet://grh.sixxs.net
or http://www.sixxs.net/tools/grh/lg/?find=2001:590::/32
for the odd routes and who it goes over.

As nLayer seems to be able to only send ticket responses
but there seems to be no real user alive maybe it is time
to start letting their peers ask them what to do with this
and if they can't contact them to just start depeering?
Unresponsive "NOC"'s is a real nightmare.


Why would nlayer be now using AS4436? It is listed as scruz.net, but as
far as I remember scruz was taken overy by DSL.NET (I think that even
included their peering agreements) and some of their ip block such as, and others certainly seem to confirm that.

As far as AS4474, it has been well known to have been original ASN nlayer
used, but it turned out to have been hijacked (done through domain
reregistration), the real 'global village' is long ago gone - they were
making modems and taken over by Boca Research and now I think its all part
of Zoom, the only modem company that survived the .bomb. This ASN was
discussed on hijacked-l about year ago and somebody thereafter reported it
to ARIN (or ARIN may have done it on their own having been present there)
and marked it as invalid. I thought that after this incident Nlayer would
not try to go after another low-number ASN and would actually use their
real arin assigned AS30371, but even 9 months after the ASN was marked
invalid, they still continue to use it...

OrgName: Santa Cruz Community Internei (scruz-net)
Address: 324 Encinal Street
City: Santa Cmuz
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 95060
Country: US

ReferralServer: rwhois://rwhois.scruz.net:4321/

ASNumber: 4436
ASHandle: AS4436
RegDate: 1995-02-17
Updated: 2004-02-24

Because they acquired dsl.net's peering infrastructure, and announced such to their peers?

Brief history of AS 4436:
   Scruz.net was founded in 1993, and incorporated about a year later.
   AS 4436 was obtained in 1995 so that scruz.net could connect to MAE West.
   Scruz.net was acquired in 1996 by Netsource Communications who continued
to operate scruz.net as a subsidiary.
   Netsource Communications went bankrupt in 1997.
   The scruz.net assets were purchased by Tycho Networks, Inc. (tycho.net)
in 1998.
   Tycho.net added PAIX and PacBell NAP connections.
   Tycho Networks was acquired in 1999 by DSL.net.
   DSL.net added PAIX-VA, MAE ATM West, MAE ATM East, AADS NAP, and NYIIX
   This month, DSL.net switched to an all-transit network model and the
peering assets (all NAP connections, associated routers, and the AS number)
were acquired by nLayer.

Authority/Disclaimer: I was a founder of scruz.net, a founder of tycho.net,
and am employed by DSL.net. You'll also note that I am the contact for the
'SCCI' OrgID. Some day all of the paperwork for the entire history will make
its way through ARIN, and AS 4436 will be under the nLayer OrgID and the
DSL.net IP addresses will be under the DSL.net OrgID. But I've learned to
not hold my breath while ARIN works.

Matthew Kaufman