2 Byte ASNs??

Whats the availability of two byte asns look like? Anyone able to obtain one recently? I have a network that is all Mikrotik and the route targets are messing with them. They can’t use communities with their 4 bytes asn. It’s one of those it really isn’t a big deal but I thought I would ask.

Justin Wilson

We've never had an issue requesting a 2-byte ASN from ARIN. Our last request was, maybe, a month ago.



if I check this site it shouldn’t be problem to purchase a 2Byte ASN.
The ASN are at the end, but it seems that there are some available. Is there any reason you need to use your AS in the route target instead of using a private 2 Byte AS Number for the route target? Kind regards Karsten

Yes, at $work we obtained one recently (without hassle, thank you ARIN

So, I recommend to follow normal procedure and just ask ARIN. :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Can you describe this a bit more? I'd like to add it to my list of stuff
broken on mikrotik.