1G/10G BaseT switch recommendation

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for recommendations from the community on 48x10G RJ45/4-6 SFP28 (uplink ports) switches that people actually like working with.

Features are VPC or non-vendor specific equivalent, L2/L3 BGP/OSPFv3, ACLs, functional CoPP and some sort of API to manage them. [the CLI would work, my lib can handle most Networking OS CLIs anyway]

My problem point is coming from the RJ45 requirement, most vendors have one switch that they sell that is RJ45 at 10G or at the most one in each line (enterprise/datacenter) and they seem to be almost an afterthought. [probably because SFP28 is better in every way if you are already using fiber at the endpoint] sadly, we are not.

I just want to make sure I am not excluding any vendors from my research.

I appreciate any suggestions or recommendations. Can even keep it off-list if you want.



If you’ve already looked at Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Juniper, and Arista, that’s the big ones. Everything else is increasingly niche vendors.

The Juniper QFX 5120-48T has the 48x10G RJ45s you’re looking for and has QSFP+/28 100G capable ports that can each be broken out into 4x25G (via DAC or MPO).

They can be licensed to add OSPF/BGP and their brand is ubiquitous enough that API support should be no problem on most management platforms.

I think you’ll have a tougher time finding native SFP28 25G uplink ports for a 10G switch as it’s mostly seen as a server-facing port speed alternative alongside 10G, rather than an uplink for 10G; the oversubscription ratio between 48x10G and 4-6x25G is quite high when you account for at least 2N redundancy on the uplinks.


Extreme is a mom and pop shop compared to Nokia and Huawei, and I guess quite selection of names.

True. I forget carrier space often, these days.

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Ruckus ICX 7650-48ZP has

- 24x 1GB RJ45
- 24x 2.5/5/10G RJ45
- stacking
- uplink 100G | 40G | 10G uplink module


Nokia has the 7250-ixr-e that has 24x1/10G SFP, 8x10/25G SFP28 and 2x100G QSFP28 ports (300G FDX total) in a small depth 1U unit. We use a bunch of these and they work nicely with full MPLS features.

While acknowledging that some people love Rucks for legitimate reasons, our experience with them can be summed up as “never again”. YMMV.

I’d reach out to Arrcus as well. They are a NOS house, but they can also provide hardware options that suit what you want.


I understand; my thinking, let's keep the diversity up for everyone's benefit. While Commscope is not producing ethernet switches only, from sales and numbers of employees, they are a massive mothership of communication technology.

[ uncloak: i work at arrcus, but at the far back of the company ]

I'd reach out to Arrcus as well. They are a NOS house, but they can
also provide hardware options that suit what you want.

thanks, mark.

while arrcus provides stunning world class layer three: bgp, is-is,
ospf, evpn, srv6, blah blah blah, we don't really so much exciting at
layer two switching.


We run all Juniper QFX in our DC and cannot be happier. Solid stuff.


I agree, and I love Ruckus switches. But if they intend to maintain a
customer base in this market, they should maintain a competent and at
least minimally helpful/knowledgeable TAC for their switches.

C'mon, Drew, ask Arrcus for features. You can do it :-)...

Seems like the only outlyer is "VPC things" for Layer 2, but the rest of it seems doable on ArcOS. Depending on what Drew is looking for, there might be another option to get to his promised land.


The “Fabrics” layer of the ArcOS architecture may offer some clue as to VPC options for Drew: