1829 domain...????

PS - when I do a whois on some 1, 2, and 3 digit ASN's that are less
than 254, whois gives me an "A" domain in response. There IS
an ASN 10, isn't there?

ben@BL.COM Ben Liberman

Yes there is; however, you should feed your query in
whois "ASN 10"
to get the proper response back:

falcon:/usr/local/bak/src/gnu# whois "ASN 10"
CSNET Coordination and Information Center (CSNET-CIC) (ASN-CSNET)
   BBN Systems and Technologies, Inc.
   10 Moulton Street
   Cambridge, MA 02138

   Autonomous System Name: CSNET-EXT-AS
   Autonomous System Number: 10

      Nugent, William H (WHN2) whn@bbnplanet.com

   Record last updated on 10-Jan-91.

The InterNIC Registration Services Host contains ONLY Internet Information
(Networks, ASN's, Domains, and POC's).
Please use the whois server at nic.ddn.mil for MILNET Information.

Hope this helps!

Matt Petach