18 years ago today - rfc 2468

How time flies....

To be clear - Oct 16. Which has just tolled in the APAC region. For most of you it will be tomorrow. But no matter. You get the point.

We do.

Thank you for reminding us. And thanks to Dr. Postel for making what we do possible.

For those who are not sure: The significance of Jon Postel's contributions
to building the Internet, both technical and personal, were such that a
memorial recollection of his life forms part of the core technical
literature sequence of the Internet in the form of RFC 2468 "I Remember
IANA", written by Vinton Cerf.

october, the month of deep sadness, jon, abha, itojun, ...

And for those of you who you don't recognize his name, either you
aren't old enough or you haven't read enough RFCs, though his
contributions go wayyyyyyy beyond that. It is fair to say he is very
much one of the cadre of personell who quite literally built the
internet that so many of the rest now take for granted.

"or you haven't read enough RFCs" so for those of us that aren't masochists....


I did get my summary last year at NANOG, though.