gone from ARIN


Block hijacking appears pretty popular nowadays.

yes :frowning:

One member of our local exchange had a request to advertise this unused
block: It appears it was also a UBE related hijack
attempt, which failed ofcourse.

This was a block who's contact info has been marked as invalid... :frowning: so
this is likely hijacked and ARIN should be or has been working on it...

With so many defunct networks over the last 5 years, do the TLAs attempt
to recoup blocks, based on length of time out of the global routing table?

I do not believe that this is the case, but I'm not working for ARIN and
don't know for sure :frowning:

Any other systems in the works/place to expire invalid blocks quicker?

Ask ARIN ? I really don't know. :frowning: