[#135346] Unauthorized BGP Announcements (follow up to Hijacked Networks)

Where is Milo Medin when we need him?

how would he be helping?

He would have pulled the plug.

The story is from the very early days of the internet, probably long before
NANOG existed.

Milo worked at NASA and found a cracker from Finland on one of NASAs
machines. The link from Finland to the rest of the world went through Norway
to NASA. (That's THE link, there was only one link connecting all of
Scandinavia to the rest of the net.) So Milo called the guy in Finland and
said "Please fix it". The reply was "We can't do anything. We respect civil
liberties." Soon he got the message because he wasn't connected to the net
any more.

If anybody has a good URL for the story, please let me know. I found one
reference in google-books that said 1988.