1310nm optics over Corning LEAF G.655?

Anyone run 1000BASE-LX/10GBASE-LR 1310nm optics over a ~10km Corning
LEAF G.655 span?

I understand this fiber is not optimized for such usage, but what is
the real-world behaviour? I'm having a hard time finding hard data.

(Normal optics will be 1550nm and DWDM over ~40-100km spans.)


Yes we have built several links with the 1310nm devices on Corning LEAF. One
span distance was 14 KM.

Can we offer you a quote on optics and installation support?


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That's a kind offer, but we are quite well setup :slight_smile: Just looking for
field experience.

14km with standard 1310nm optics? No issues with the cutoff wavelength
being >1310nm? GigE or 10GigE?

For the record, 1000BASE-LX 1310nm 10km and 20km rated optics did not work
across this span. Based on loss measurements, this was not due to optical
budget. This may be due to the cutoff wavelength of this fiber being 1360nm.

1000BASE-LX 1310nm 40km rated optics worked (with a 10dB attenuator.)

1000BASE-ZX 1550nm 80km rated optics worked (with a 10dB attenuator.)

Hope that helps someone in the future. If anyone has any comments, I would
be interested to hear (either pm or public.)