1299 capacity constraints

Has anyone else been having near constant issues with traffic transiting AS 1299 being lost due to their links being oversubscribed?

Off-list is fine, I am just trying to get a sense of what is going on there.



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We pick them up in London, so we haven’t seen that. But we also have a healthy mix of transit providers + peering, so we may not be as exposed. YMMV based on where you pick them up and what other options you have. Mark.

Same in the continental US via Chicago, no widespread issues here but we egress less than 100gbps via 1299 so we’re small potatoes. We sometimes notice QUIC streams to 7018 having trouble, but nothing worth complaining about yet.

It extremely depends on who you’re trying to reach and from what location. We’ve seen lots of T1s have congested peering lately. Unfortunately these days, having uncongested path requires paying a lot of attention and distributing your traffic yourself rather than simply handing it off to your transit providers.


I thought I was the only one old-school enough to still be using a T1 for connectivity. Are people seriously actually trying to use T1s for peering in this day and age? ^_^;


Tier1… likely via fiber, not old fashioned telco based T1 circuits.

Someone else made this joke via direct email. Old minds think alike?

I will admit, that was the first thing I thought of when I saw “T-1” J

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