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What can anyone tell me about IPv4: ?

Other than it's used by Samsung in Korea? Do they have any cool applications
for it?

Do you have, or know of any other "cherished" IPv4s? What do you use it for?

Google DNS is a good example (

normally ip addresses like that just attract additional unwanted traffic
towards the advertised prefix...


I'm not sure what all I'd do with it (besides have the hostname
'Jenny'), but I'd love to have

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Way back when ml.org was first doing dynamic dns, I tried it out and gave myself 'workgroup.ml.org'. All of a sudden, I started being bombarded with windows netbios traffic from all over creation (this was like 1998 or so, don't recall exactly but it was port 137 I think). I tried to get an explanation and to divine why all of a sudden having 'workgroup.ml.org' made me a target, but I never got to the truth of it. The closest I came simply had to do with the default 'wrokgroup' name of windows 95 machines and something to do with dns/netbios resolution (bug?). It looked like it was stripping dots a little too agressively but then it's been many years and I don't do windows.

  To this day I wonder seriously if 'workgroup.com' or variations had or has a similar problem....


Are you sure that Google has and is running DNS on it? Google's website says and

I know,, and belong to Level3/Genuity/BBNPlanet and dig times-out on for me.

I would wonder more about which belongs to AT&T. Doing doesn't seem as natural.


Looks like that's in a CEGETEL dynamic pool in France. Maybe you
should sign up for their service?

if you are getting DNS services from you are not getting them
from the-Google...

Sorry, Google DNS typo is my bad.
It is of course ...