$110,000 for Gated Source Code

Oh please. What you purchase from the GateD consortium is much more than
just a peice of software. If you don't like it I hear Cisco do a BGP4
capable router for well over $10,000USD. [and you only get one of those].

There is a freely available version which doesn't have all the bells and
whistles but functions very well and you have the source code for that. If
you want to add to it, do what everyone else does and add it yourself
or pay the consortium fees, As I understand it you would fit into the
Service membership level which is USD12,000 for the first year and
USD10,000 for additional years. Hardly a bank buster, it would cost
you a great deal more to do this with Cisco or anyother vendor.

[You did actually ask the consortium about their licenses din't you?].