10gig pricing with Verizon crazy?

Curious if anyone has had similar experience; looking for a 10gig transit circuit at a colo, contacted VZ as they’re on net in the facility, quoted me an astronomical amount at 10-20x going rates these days. I’m curious if I just happened across a bad rep and should dig further, or that’s par for the course? Rep was comfortable talking about BGP, v4/v6, etc. so I felt like I was talking to the right person until I saw the price lol.



What's your state/region and the general ballpark of the price quoted?

In the brief period of time when I was not at my current employer I had a similar experience. It wasn’t even worth my time to negotiate with them for a proper price, I basically told them they were way too high and moved on.

I’ve heard the right reps can get the proper pricing, but I wonder how much this is facility costs vs something else.

Carriers in my experience are pretty good at knowing their local market options, and unless you’re all going to locked-in 701 eyeballs it may be worthwhile to talk to someone else.

- Jared

We were talking to AT&T once about using them for last-mile in their
territories. The first pricing we got was astronomical. One we recovered
from the shock and scrolled down, we saw all the 98%discount this, 95%
discount that tables, which after being applied brought them into the
ballpark. I seem to remember the initial price being their tariff rate.
Verizon may be playing the same games.