10Gb CPE

With the deluge of 10Gb X device recommendations, I thought I'd hit the
list with one more. Does anyone out there running 10Gb managed CPE feel
like sharing their experiences?

Our use case would be a managed endpoint that would allow for testing and
circuit verification while providing a layer 2 extension to our edge gear
at the PoPs.

We're hoping to find a cheap vendor-supplied solution- not homebrew.

If so, which features have been important to you?

Which vendors have good products?

What price point?



We use Brocade ICX 6450s for this.


I would say these are what you are after, last time I tested these I seem to remember Accedian coming out on top, but they are all good.


Any feedback on the new 7250’s yet?

Who makes the 7250?


I also used brocade icx series for this. Depending on feature requirements
the juniper ex3300 might be cheaper.

Aren't these Brocade and Juniper solutions just switches? I thought the
original poster was asking for a 10G CPE device?

We have around 1000 or so ex3300¹s deployed as cpe gear for sites with
circuits anywhere from 5m to 10g. It both will do everything you need and
allow the flexibility for lots of options if necessary. Not saying it¹s
the best option for everyone but should fit all requirements.

‹ Nick