10G MetroE 1-2U Switch

Hey Nanog,

Looking for a new metroE Edge switch that has more that 10x 10G ports. I am having a hard time finding anything worthwhile without buying a full blown ASR9K Chassis or another vendor's chassis.

MEF compliant
1-2U small foot print
10G Ports will be used for ENNI's and UNI Ports
Prefer MPLS support for L2VPN's (EoMPLS and VPLS)
QOS per Sub interface\vlan on a ENNI
Cost effect 10G Ports
100G Not required

Looking at the
ASR920's - Great box for 1G but not enough 10G Ports Only 4
NCS5001/NCS5501 - New\unproven\probably buggy, Lacking some features & QOS issues :confused:
ASR900 - Looks good, but was hoping for a smaller foot print. If I remember right the 8x10G Cards can't go in every slot.

Any other platforms I should be looking at?

Ciena, Brocade, Juniper?

Thanks in advance!


I looked at all three of these solutions, and ended up going with the
Juniper ACX5048. Similar hardware wise to the NCS as it has the Broadcom
chipset, but much more feature rich than Cisco.

Did you mean that downlink 100G is not needed (but needed on the uplink side),
or are you planning to use a 40G as an uplink, or are you positive enough that
you'll never get a 10G burst on multiple ports to need more than 10G uplink?

Have you taken a look at the Juniper QFX series? I use these for video multicast and I'm not 100% sure they have support for all the features you've requested, BUT I do know of a competitor that uses them for cheap 10G VPLS deployment. It might be worth looking into. If you need a Juniper engineer to bounce your questions off of, I know a guy...

I'd start here:


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I have used several of these Huawei S6700 switches with no issues, fast
easy to configure and support pretty much everything you mention.



Would Arista 7280R work? Gets you 48+ 10gig and a couple QSFP ports even in the cheapest model. I believe it has the features you want. Haven’t done MPLS with it, but I’ve got some running OSPF/OSPFv3 with no issues.

Ciena 5160. 24 port sfp+. 1u D.C. Or ac dual PSU. MEF certified. Price points good

Hi Eric, A year or 2 ago, I did a good bit of work looking at various
MPLS-capable-PE boxes as I was looking to replace the investment of Cisco
ME3600's that couldn't keep up the pace of our FTTH 10 gig link
expansions... that ME3600 only had (2) 10 gig ports.

Several links below are just a quick search I did on google to find some of
this topics/discussions from the community.









Yeah, I settled on the ACX5048 too. I've since replaced about (25) Cisco ME3600's with ACX5048's. I'm doing MPLS L2VPN's and L3VPN's on the ACX5048. It's pretty nice and stable.


I'm pretty sure that the Juniper QFX5100 and the Juniper ACX5048 are some box with different Junos and features allowed/disallowed...somehow. (lookup pictures on google and juniper.net... pretty sure identical box)

As I recall, the QFX5100 has more data-center-type things like virtual chass/mc-lag and less MPLS-edge-agg...
As I recall (actually know from deploying 25 of them now), the ACX5048 has more MPLS-edge-agg and less data-center-type things like virtual chass/mc-lag


Pretty sure I looked at the ciena 51xx and I found that it does not have
mpls in it... pretty sure Erik needs mpls...


Guys thanks for the feedback and direction.

Some follow up to some of the questions\comments

-MPLS support is preferreded.
-Uplinks to the core would be LACP Bundles at Nx10G. The majority of the traffic on the customer facing 10G ENNI's will be 10-100M EVC's. We would configure 10G Port with 2G CIR on this device, just not full 10G UNI Ports they would be put on a different device.
-MEF Required


The ZTE ZXR10 5960 will do MPLS for about 3k USD:


24x 10G and 2x 40G

We use them for L2VPN (VPLS).

I have not done QOS on this hardware, so I can not say how well that works.



Yw Erik, also, since I'm fond/familiar with my newly deployed Juniper
ACX5048's.... here's the MEF info...it's on there.


- Aaron

Wow, 10 gig and 40 gig, mpls, etc, etc for $3,000 ?! Who is ZTE ? I
usually try to stay with big names...Juniper, Cisco, etc... is ZTE
well-known and reputable ?



Almost $12B in revenue in 2014, so not small.

They are well known !

Are they reputable ? :slight_smile:


Ge Dupin

Anyone has a ZTE sales contact in the US, specifically in the New England region?

Seems like something I may want to look into.. Tired of SmartNet..



Do you know if the ACS5048 has any QOS limitations on this platform?

Is each EVC on a ENNI able to have a separate QOS policy or is it port based? Just wondering how it would compare to the Cisco NCS5001\NCS5501



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Sorry Erik, I'm not well versed on the ACX5048 qos at the moment.....I'm
just now undergoing a qos project which will require me to learn more about
the gear in my network, to include the sub-rings of acx5048's. Perhaps
check back with me in a while and I might know more.

I am not handling my ENNI's on any acx5048's.... and I'm not policing any of
my cell backhaul on acx5048's.... I put regulator's (Accedian's name for
policers) on my MetroNID's which hang off the ACX5048's so I haven't had to
do that. Again, sorry, I can't help with that at the moment.

Hopefully others on the list can respond... or check the good ole Juniper
NSP mail list... juniper-nsp@puck.nether.net

Or check here...



Class Of Service - Part 7 (page 775/2870)

- Aaron