100GBASE-SR10 interwork with 10GBASE-SR

Hi all, is there anyone who has experience the interworking 100GBASE-SR10 with 10GBASE-SR over 24-fiber ribbon cables terminated with MPO/MTP-24 connectors?

If yes, any implementation consideration I should be aware?

Steven Lee


In general, there isn't much to worry about optically when interfacing 100GBASE-SR10 and 10GBASE-SR. If you are using CFP transceivers or CXP transceivers for the 100GBASE-SR10, your mileage may vary. For example, the Avago CXP AFBR-83PDZ has a transmit power range of -7.6dBm to 2.4dBm per lane. The Avago XFP AFBR-720XPDZ has an overload value of 1dBm on the receiver. We've observed errors when operating a device above the overload value. So attenuation is needed. There are "interoperable" devices from various vendors, making sure the optical interfaces do not need attenuation. I can provide more details offline, let me know what you are thinking about using.