100Gb/s TOR switch


There is something like this on market ? Looking for standalone switch, 1/2U, ca 40 ports 10Gb/s and about 4 ports 100Gb/s fixed or as a module.


The Juniper QFX10002-36Q has 36 40GbE Ports. They can be broken out to up to 144 10GbE ports, or 1/3 of them can be used for 100GbE.

So, if you use 6 100GbE ports and still have 72 10GbE ports.

I have not seen one of these yet in person, but it is the smallest form factor I know of that has that sort of capacity, particularly on the 100GbE.


Cisco Nexus 7700 2 slot chassis supports 48 x 10 Gbps, 24 x 40 Gbps, and 12 x 100 Gbps.

It is 3RU. Part number is N77-C7702.

I did see these switches at SC14.


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If you can wait, you will see the market flooded with 32x100G with the
ability to down-clock to 40g / breakout to 4x10g in the Q3/Q4 timeframe :wink:

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7700 2 slot looks to only support 1 line card, so 48x10 *or* 12x100


That is correct, I didn’t mean that it supports all three. Only one of the three combinations.


25/50/100 stuff should start coming out around soon, as well, which may drive pricing down even more.


Wait for switches with BCM Tomahawk ASICs.

They'll support exactly what you're looking for.


Hello Piotr,

You can always take a look at :

- Arista :


- Brocade :




When will Tomahawk switches be available?

From which vendors?

If referring to cavium xpa's hitting the oem's lines, next year or so I'm guessing.

Bob Watson

I think Brocade has one already announced. It might be based off the Trident2+ though, I can't remember. Either way, in 6 months everyone will have 1RU switches with 100G uplinks like they have 40G now.


Everyone. These should also support 25/50G Ethernet.


So are we expecting these new switches to be the same price or cheaper than
the current 40G uplinks models? Do you think the vendors will heavily
discount the switches with 10G user port and 40G uplinks?

like this?


BCOM trident 2 chipset - 48x10G + 4x40G, $5095 for one-off purchases.


the math on their page is 'interesting'...

1.28tbps throughput (which is .08 or so tbps better than 64 10g ports
960mbps forwarding

err... so for just plain switching line-rate 64 10gbps ports. For
forwarding traffic (being a router) ~1gbps.

ouch, don't route.

Fairly certain thats a typo and supposed to be 960M pps :slight_smile:

it's a t2 chipset. should be all forwarded at asic level, i.e. at line
rate per port.