"1 million" routes

On paper, the Sup720-3bxl does 1 million routes. The reality is, the default config allows for:

L3 Forwarding Resources
              FIB TCAM usage: Total Used %Used
                   72 bits (IPv4, MPLS, EoM) 524288 229921 44%
                  144 bits (IP mcast, IPv6) 262144 5 1%

So, with not quite full BGP routes, my lab sup720 is at 44% capacity for IPv4 routes. This is tunable via "mls cef maximum-routes ..." IPv6 route slots can be traded for 2 IPv4 slots (after a reboot).

              FIB TCAM usage: Total Used %Used
                   72 bits (IPv4, MPLS, EoM) 770048 229899 30%
                  144 bits (IP mcast, IPv6) 139264 5 1%

So...how many IPv6 routes are people seeing/expecting? Are you running with the default split, figuring if/when the time comes, you'll adjust and reboot?