Zurich Data Center

Off list, what can someone tell me about the data center at

Aargauerstrasse 10

8048 Zürich



This one at Aargauerstasse 10 in Zurich is operated by the incumbent Swisscom, mainly for their own purpose. It‘s called «Zurich Herdern» with LEX code 790ZHH, despite it‘s not a LEX in the classical sense.

There is a similar one in another area of the city called «Zurich Binz» with the code 790ZHB.

We (Init7) along with some other carriers are present too in both, mainly for interconnection purpose. Strict rules for other carriers unlike in the carrier neutral sites of the ususal suspects (Equinix, e-shelter NTT, Interxion, green.ch…). For example: expect cross connects delivery times of at least 6 to 8 weeks to other 3rd party carriers. It is not a regulated product but the process feels like.

They also sell space and power to 3rd party customers in 790ZHH (not carriers), commonly along with expensive telco services, but I‘m not too familiar with details. We have one or two customers there which decided not to buy only from the incumbent. Saying this: 790ZHH is somewhat carrier neutral but it‘s complicated.

Hope this helps.