Your email message was blocked

I just contributed to the thread called "Cable and Geeks", and (I now
realize) included the word "crappy".

Then, just like that, my Friday Moment of Fun just happened, like a
brilliant ball of light in the sky. I received a bounce from something
called who rejected my email due to "mild profanity"
(sorry, i didn't know people could be so sensitive). Man, i had not
had an on-the-job-laugh-out-loud in a long time.

I am very tempted of probing the system. Many a question comes to
mind, like for example: Does it only worry about profanity in English?
I have a dictionary of "bad words" in Spanish, i am resisting the urge
to craft a python script and send it word by word to

Also mesmerizing is the fact that they will keep my mildly profane
email in some storage for five days. Why? If its blocked, so be it,
why keep it?

Ahhh don't worry, I won't do it anyways.

Notwithstanding the laugh and the fun, these are the times when I lose
a bit of faith in mankind. Why there are always people out there
pretending to know "what it's best for you" ?

Well, I am clicking "send", I will probably receive another "mild
profanity" warning. There it comes...



B4d0b5da70002.000000000001.0003.log (10.2 KB)

The keep for 5 days often means that they have a quarantine release for the recipient. It is also very possible that they have rule selection options on a recipient basis, which is not "what is best for you" but "you chose this". I'm not saying it is the case here, but there is a high probability, as their customers would scream otherwise. Exceptions are if it's corporate mail, but I'm not sure that is the corp mail server.