You are right [was Re: Ungodly packet loss rates]


The statements below contain so many inaccuracies that I am not even
going to try to correct them... I think this kind of needless and
completely inaccurate bashing is *way* out of line...


"Mr. Jeremy Hall" <> writes
* well if you're going to compare ciscos and bay networks routers, consider
* that Bay networks supports Rip, OSPF, BGP, and EGP. They do *NOT*
* support communities in their production software, and they have *NO*
* intentions of *EVER* supporting confederations. In adition, to handle
* subnets, where you want the thing to summarise a subnet into a classful
* route, the Bay's solution is to drop the route entirely. They also don't
* seem to understand how to aggregate routes. Their solution there is also
* to drop the route. They do not appear to have the option to announce the
* aggregate with the routes. They also do not appear to have the option of
* aggregating since the option they provide does not work. Their SNMP
* agent only works on a few platforms, and in order to adequately solve a
* routing problem, you need to have a *GOOD* understanding of the MIB. The
* last time I enabled syslog on the box, the router reloaded several times
* within a 5 hour period, causing instability in our small network, small
* meaning under 200 routes. I have fought with these things for 3 years
* now and haven't seen much improvements. They have been promising NTP
* support for quite some time now, since their routers don't have a
* battery-powered clock. Maybe the reason they can switch packets faster
* and more reliably than ciscos is because they are unable to be placed in
* a situation to really test their skills. The items I have shown here
* make it VERRY difficult to allow one of these things to perform with
* full routing because you cannot determine what it will do.
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I can't say about Bay routers, but I know one system admin who was
caused (by him manager) to build IP/IPX network on Bay routers.

He hate Bay and dreams about Cisco. It's terrible...
Yes, it looks fine, but it's terrible device. Configuration, reloading, etc.,.. -
good hardware and bad software (yet).

But _nanog_ is not place for this flame - everybody may have him opinion.
And (even if somebody hate Bay's) there is a lot of cases when Bay is better
than other routers.