You are right [was Re: Ungodly packet loss rates]

John, is it?;

You are right. You shouldn't have to worry about network topology when
picking an ISP, but you have to realize that the nanog group gets most
excited about fast memory and hardware architectures. If it were any other
way, the Internet would melt right now. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the practical solution to your problem is to shop around and
the more you know about your unique topological concerns the better off
you'll be. I wish there was a Net Consumers Report service that you could
subscribe to, but we aren't quite there yet.

So, John, relax a little knowing you are fundamentally right and your
expectations are entirely reasonable and please accept my apology that the
Internet isn't quite ready yet to meet your needs. I take solace in the
fact that it has never been better and that it will continue to get better.

speaking as a long time Internet services person