YANG module designer tool

Hi folks,
Just wanted to ask what are your favourite tools for designing YANG models
and why?
Are these two all there is:

Or maybe some plugins for notepad++ or totalcmd/midnightcmd :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch.


I like YANG Explorer. (use apple OS computer or linux. I used Ubuntu, and
chrome. Windows and firefox I recall seeing minimal functionality but
shooty, so don't)

... a couple sites for assisting with getting it installed and running...



I also found the Cisco DevNet Sandbox devices useful for explorer and
learning about automation building blocks like netconf/yang. I ran
yang-explorer across the internet directed at the devnet sandbox csr1000v

I think there is another tool called ncc (netconf client?) on github that I
haven'r explored yet.

I was going to try MG-Soft's tool, but haven't gotten around to it.



Have also a look at ANX


Similar to YANG explorer and also from Cisco, it allows you to pull all the yang model supported by a certain device (end device or orchestrator like NSO)

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,

There is a good extension for VS Code called Yangster, it is uses a language server to do many of the functions so also requires Java.

ANX as mentioned by the other reply is really good for exploring existing models and is very easy to get up and running via docker.