[YA] Class B Purchase

> Michael,
> Could you define "legitimately multihomed" please?

  I think that a prime example would be a site such as
progressive networks, cnn (turner), msbnc, or any other high
traffic site.

  They will be multiply connected to major providers,
but most use some sort of ip director, and all their
machines sit on the same /24.
  Although I don't like the way some of these peoples networks
are built, they don't have enough machines/servers to justify anything
more than a /24 or even at most a /22, but still need provider
independent space as they may show up at regional exchange points.

  The best bet for these people in some cases is to go hunt for
space that is "available", as ARIN and folks won't allocate such space.

  Their other option is to sit on the network block of
one of their providers, but some people do have issues with
announcing other providers address space (like it's against their
internal policies).

  This would be a semi-justfiable use of a portable block
less than a /19, would it not?

  - Jared

Speaking for myself (not ARIN or its members) I would say yes, however,
it's easy to list examples of multi-homed but we would need to either
list every acceptable example or state one definition that doesn't
make ARIN's staff have to subjectively decide which organization is
"legitimately" multi-homed. From my experience (not to mention ARIN's
Advisory Council) this is more difficult than it seems.