XO SIP in Chicago

Is anyone else having issues with XO SIP service in the Chicago area? We’re seeing poor audio quality on outbound calls and inbound calls may or may not work.



Having issues starting at 8:31AM CST with call quality on XO SIP.

Inbound calls goes from the number is not available message, to calls completing but very choppy voice quality.

Outbound calls seems to work but voice quality is poor.

Opened a ticket with XO no call back or engineer picked up the ticket.

Anyone else having issues with XO SIP?

Judah Sameth | Director of Information Technology
p: 630.318.3470

Kody Vicknair
Network Engineer

Tel: 985.536.1214
Fax: 985.536.0300
Email: kvicknair@reservetele.com

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