www.gov.ps - offline?

Looks like www.gov.ps is offline. Wasn't someone in Norway operating a
backup site
for this? IP address resoves to which is not routed at this

Doing a little research, it appears a substantial part of physical
facilities used by PalTel (the Palestine Telecommunications Company)
are still inter-twined with Bezeq (the incumbent Israeli telephone
company). All the communication links I found seem to transit
an Israel at some point. A few official networks registered to
the Palestine Authority are offline (gov.ps). Most of the research
and education networks registered to Palestinian institutions are
operating. Several commercial Palestinian ISPs are still reachable.

There seems to be a lot of wireless activity in the region, at least
among the ISPs still operating. Neither the Palestinian nor Israeli
telecommunication companies seem very happy about ISPs using wireless

I haven't been able to discover if this is a political problem or
a technical problem. Consider the US Department of Interior has
been operating under a court order for four months.