WW: Colo Vending Machine

Please post your top 3 favorite components/parts you'd like to see in a
vending machine at your colo; please be as specific as possible; don't
let vendor specificity scare you off.

-- jra

This is a riot! I'd love to have something like this at facilities I'm in.
Some useful stuff that comes to mind:
- Rack screws of various common sizes and threadings
- SFPs, GBICs, etc.
- Rollover cable / DE-9->8P8P adapter
- Screwdrivers
- Cross-over Ethernet, patch cables
- zip ties, velcro tape, etc.
- Label tape


Clue in a Can - I prefer the 8 oz size, but sometimes it would be nice to get the 12 oz bottle.


1. 1GB+ USB sticks
2. Cat5E patch cords in various lengths
3. Rack screws/cage nuts that are appropriate for the types of cabinets in that facility


+1 for GBICs, SFPs

I don't know if it's just me, but I have the worst luck with them.

And I'll start:

1) Cat 5e molded, hooded patch cables, 7 ft, in blue, green and red
2) Power cords: C19 to L6-15, C19 to C20, C13 to C20 (latter 2 for 208V PDUs)
    (If you don't have your own C13 to L6-15 cords, you're in the wrong biz)
3) Multimode patch cables, LC-duplex, 15ft

-- jra

rackmount screws, nuts, bolts, rubber rings for both M6 and whatever other stuff ppl use (that smaller size is common too :wink:

preferably in both black and silver color.

19" trays
19" electricity socket bars

IEC power cables.
ethernet patch cables 3 meter

screwdriver sets

and whatever other stuff people generally forget and then decide to steal out of our racks so we have to drive to the home depot kinda thing again.
(don't ask :wink:

console cables (cisco juniper adtran)
1' extension cords (for the few devices that I have requiring DC power packs)
label tape
rack screws
zip ties
AC cords
grounding ribbon
replacement bits for phillips, and torx

Oh: "in black and red"

-- jra

HAHA! Great list. Add to this

Cable Tester
Thumb Drive
RJ45 crimper
Box knife
LED flashlights
Blank CDs/DVDs

1) Patch cables every 1' length from 3-10'
2) Velcro wrap
3) Tools (screwdrivers, etc)

And since the racks usually come with the cage nuts, maybe the colo should just provide them.


Pizza, condoms and headache tablets.

In a message written on Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 01:35:15PM -0500, Jay Ashworth wrote:

Please post your top 3 favorite components/parts you'd like to see in a
vending machine at your colo; please be as specific as possible; don't
let vendor specificity scare you off.

USB->Serial adapters. Preferably selected so they are driverless on
both OSX and Windows. :slight_smile:

To my original list, I'll also add cage nut extractors. When available, they are a godsend. I usually keep one in my backpack-of-tools when I go out to do rack-and-sta--- er... occupational yoga :slight_smile:


rj45 crimp connectors for both 8p8c flatcable and cat5e (they are different!)

"cisco" type db9-rj45 adapters, prewired (when you buy them bulk they usually come unwired :wink:


empty cds/dvds

usb cd/dvd writers (see rs232 :wink:

usb floppy drives (yes, they're still around :wink:

3.5" HD floppies (yes, they're still around :wink:

usb -> rs232 adapters (in case the shitty modern laptop you just bought upon arriving in that country didn't come with the most important interface of all :wink:

ECC RAM DIMMS of various sizes and speeds and pinnings

SCA and SAS and SATA HDDs and SSD's

CF cards, USB sticks, DIGITAL CAMERAS!

replacement ventilators for most equipment maybe.. but that one can be a bit tricky :wink:

so pretty much all the stuff you normally cannot buy in computer stores and still need if you just go to location x and need to set things up without preparation.

Phase testers
Flashlight (depending on how well lit the dc is)

noise/ear protectors!

Does such a device exist? I've yet to run across one.

Personally, I would recommend those based on FTDI chips or Prolific
PL2303 -- both have support for Linux, Windows, and OSX.


The trick is to look for one that works on OpenBSD. If it works
there, it will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux. YMMV. :slight_smile:

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