WTH does Paul do now?

Why do I even bother?

reject-all.vix.com. 3600 IN NS ns.lah1.vix.com.
reject-all.vix.com. 3600 IN NS ns.sql1.vix.com.

dig any @ns.sql1.vix.com gives
status: REFUSED
and as ns.lah1.vix.com does alike all authorative nameservers for this
zone are some kind of hmm 'unreachable' thus resulting in a SERVFAIL from
your recursive nameserver.
It seems like your MTA is not very gracious to SERVFAILs from DNSRBLs.

  Stefan, Hosthamster

... or alternatively, that this is a private DNSRBL which has access restrictions.


Yeah i was missing the "while talking to sa.vix.com" part in Jon's mail,
sorry for the confusion.


jlewis@lewis.org (Jon Lewis) writes:

Why do I even bother?

     (reason: 553 5.7.1 Service unavailable; \
Client host [] blocked using reject-all.vix.com; \
reason / created)

here's what you ran into.

*.69.28.69.reject-all.vix.com. 1800 IN TXT "reason" "sa.vix.com" \
  "watchmaillog" "sqlgrey" \
  "return_mail_1@hospitalitytoolkitemail.com" "->" \
  "jkensmoe1@cix.net" \
        "at" "2006-11-09" "17:55:26.932919"

obviously, autoblackholing /24's based on a single greylist failure (mail
not retried within 24 hours after receiving the initial 4XX) was over the
top. i've disabled that part of the inbound processing robotics, and i've
removed your /24 from the list.