Wrong announce from Sprint ...


we have a problem with one of our client networks incorrectly
announced by Sprint, do you know who to contact to stop this
announce ?

Info of the network & paths ...


descr: UNDP-B
descr: United Nations Development Programme
descr: 1 UN Plaza
descr: New York, NY 10017
descr: USA
origin: AS97
advisory: AS690 1:3561
mnt-by: JVNCNET
changed: johnson@jvnc.net 950417
source: MCI


      Sprintnap Looking Glass Results


        Query: bgp

BGP routing table entry for, version 199058
Paths: (4 available, best #2, advertised over IBGP)

This three are going nowhere ...

  1800 1239 1791 from (
      Origin IGP, metric 0, valid, external
      Community: 666
  1239 1791 from (
      Origin IGP, metric 10, valid, external, best
      Community: 666
  1673 1239 1791, (received-only) from (
      Origin IGP, external

This is the right path ...

  3561 97 from (
      Origin incomplete, metric 10, valid, external
      Community: 666

Thanks & Regards
Jorge Amodio
GES Internet (JvNCnet)


contact noc@sprint.net 1-800-232-6895


IF the customer is running bgp, you can write to bgp4-adm@sprint.net.
Otherwise, write here with the details, and I'll either fix it, or send it
on to someone who will.
Rob Rockell
Sprintlink NOC