Would You Trust "Secure Enterprise Instant Messaging" From a Spam Source?

Greetings all,

Would you trust a "Secure Enterprise Instant Messaging" product that advertises via spam? We just received the following email advertising "safe" IM software. It was sent to a spambait email address that was clearly harvested from a newsgroup or other Internet posting.

   From: "Omnipod" <reply-1472@elabs3.com>
Subject: Secure Enterprise Instant Messaging
     To: (spambait email address deleted)

Consumer Instant Messaging (IM) is not safe for business users:

     March 2005: The MSN Kelvir worm and its Trojan horse counterpart are just the latest viruses aimed at exploiting the vulnerabilities of consumer IM systems.
     February 2005: The Bropia worm was discovered propagating across users of the MSN Messenger network and acting as a carrier for an additional, more dangerous
     worm called Agabot.
     February 2005: The Agabot worm performed a distributed denial-of service attack, similar to the notoriously destructive Slammer, Blaster and Sasser worms.

New prevention solutions are needed as virus writers become more creative in their goal of wreaking havoc through soft spots in Microsoft software. Omnipod's private IM
network prevents these security problems by prohibiting the transfer of executable text (and denying file transfers with consumer IM) while combining strict administrative
controls with 168-bit encryption and 3DES SSL. Simply put, Omnipod protects users from hackers as well as from the common viruses and worms that routinely infect
consumer IM networks.

Try Omnipod risk free at http://www.omnipod.com


Anyone ever heard of this outfit? Is this a legitimate product, or is it some kind of Trojan? The company that owns the domain elabs3.com (uptilt.com) claims to be a CRM organization, yet they advertise an email marketing capability.

Anyone know anything about this organization? If this is a legit product, you REALLY have to wonder why in the world they would advertise via SPAM!

Jon Kibler