Would you get Cisco 8201 or Juniper PTX10001-35MR and why?

Hi folks,

I’d like to get other operator’s views on the Cisco 8201 versus Juniper PTX10001-35MR choice,

What made you (or what would make you) go for one or the other?

Speeds and feeds are identical between these two, Cisco seems much better with regards to power consumption, but Juniper’s licensing scheme seems more compelling, especially in my case since I don’t need even half the Tbps day one or 400G for that matter (just plenty of 100g ports for now).


Double check the features on the Cisco 8000. Either Cisco purposefully limited features or they are still developing the software. I was initially excited about the Cisco 8000 series until I started reading the configuration guides and found the router does not several feature we use on the ASR 9000 and Nexus 9000 platforms.