Worst design decisions?

I think it was the new MG F, where if you had the top down
on the car and there was moisture on the boot [trunk] when
you opened the boot [trunk] people in the car would get showered!
They fixed it by adding a tighter spring so that the boot [trunk]
opened slowly and the water dripped down the sides slowly!

The biggest design flaw that really used to drive me nuts was with
AS5300 cards and the fact you needed some special tool to pull them
out. Also the good old cbus complex error when doing anything on
a 7500 router, and the chopping up of memory when adding subinterfaces
on ATM PA card.

Another great one was in the early days of Demon, BT would only present
telephone lines if they where terminated via their normal domestic
wall socket, so at Demon there was like 200 odd wall sockets with phone
connectors to the back of total control boxes. Talk a about a cable
management nightmare, as well as dimensioning the network based upon
wall size!