I couldn't see any reason why David would object to my remailing this
to the list; I presuem he was just saving bandwidth; but here's a
reference that says that even _NetSol_, wearing their InterNIC hat,
said that .org was for non-profits:

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This doesn't fit *my* recollection either, but here's a ref:

and a qoute:

  The top level domain designated for miscellaneous entities that do not
  fit under any of the other top level domains. Typically used for
  non-profit organizations. One of the worldwide top level domains.
  [see also: Top Level Domain]

This *is* from a current page, and I have no idea when or how this definition
may have changed over time, but it does seem to be currently accurate.

I understand that this doesn't address the question directly, which
has to do with historical inentions, but it's all I could find in
five minutes of poking about..

Wait a minute.... There is value in never deleting anything :slight_smile:

A domain registration template dated 7/95 reads as follows:

in "Section 2 - Complete Domain Name"

       EDU is for 4-year, degree granting institutions.
       GOV is for United States federal government agencies.
       COM is for commercial, for-profit organizations.
       NET is for network infrastructure machines and organizations.
       ORG is for not-for-profit and non-profit organizations.

This is a historical reference. I can forward the entire text of a
"Version Number: 1.0" domain-template if you'd like.


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I suspect that's about as authoritative as we're going to get, for now.

-- jra