Worldly Thoughts - Regionalizing Peering


] > 2. Even better, accept my routes into your network but only use them
] > within region... I know this isn't nearly as easy as #1, so I don't
] > expect it to happen, but it would be a significant performance benefit
] > for the local traffic your customers in the region are generating which
] > is headed towards me. Once outside the region, of course, you

ignore the

] > direct routes from me and just give them to my transit provider.

Benefit: I gain low latency transit to most everyone.

Drawback: It is technically challenging to create an automate
system to regionalize and create appropriate filter lists.

Another drawback to this model is that if you peer with people at one
exchange and one exchange only you would only give them routes that are
within the local region, and not all of your routes. This may be a problem.
It may not. (Plus you could always just setup a system that marks where you
peer with people at and have it allocate routes accordingly, i.e. if you
only peer at one place you blow them everything there.)

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