Worldcom recovery efforts

How are Worldcom's recovery efforts progressing? I've talked
to several people with Worldcom circuits down since last week.
While its understandable, I've heard about almost every other
carrier restoring circuits except Worldcom. After Tuesday,
everyone told me Worldcom has been doing an excellent job
answering the phone. But no one seems to know if Worldcom is
or isn't restoring customer (i.e non-emergency) circuits yet.
One customer called AT&T and had a brand-new circuit installed
this week. Their Worldcom circuit is still down.

If Worldcom is still operating in emergency mode, I can understand
why things are delayed. But a couple of people asked me should
they continue to wait for Worldcom to fix the circuits, or did
they sustain more damage than has been reported, and they should
start making arrangements with other carriers.

I have a Worldcomm circuit from Westchester to 32 Old Slip that went down at
5:30 last Tuesday (wtc-day), was back up about 5:00 PM that Friday.