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I haven't had time to read the messages, flames, sarcasm, etc.
on the strong stand and reaction to another rebirth of the ZOA
movement to control all old Class C ( now called /24 space ).

However, based on names like Vixie, and our difference in opinion
on this matter, and Paul's continued support of 'world IP address
space domination', I think I can guess what he is saying (or flaming)
without reading alll messages.

Instead of the term 'toxic waste dump' being applied to the historically
significant /24 space before provider based address domination.
I prefer the term:

IP Address Space of the Free Internet Citizens better know


Even the Romulans and the Federation have a Neutral Zone. I suggest
we learn from the brillant mind of Roddenbury and avoid trying
to dominate the 'neutral zone'.

Best Regards,


PS: I'm away from my linux children on travel for a few days and
    will have to respond to the flamage on this controversial
    subject in a delayed fashion. However, it is my hope that
    the ZOAs find something more constructive to do besides
    assault the neutral zone. Despite their rhetoric, they
    will fail and their efforts will destablize the net.