Woefully outdated Verizon & Lumen ARIN whois/SWIP data

Hi all,

I apologize for dredging up the topic on this forum, but Lumen/CenturyLink/Qwest/US West has been continually unable to help me despite multiple attempts over years (yes, years), and Verizon’s response to my colleague was to blame a downstream consumer of the whois data (?), and to use the opportunity to try to sell value-added services as a prerequisite to escalating the matter (!?).

Does anyone have a lead on someone within those organizations who understands how to delete IP space assignments?

Thanks in advance!

  • Jima


Just to close to loop on this thread, I received the following, out-of-band:

1. Several sympathies (no real surprise)
2. A response from a kind soul at Verizon, who was able to direct my inquiry to the right person, who had those assignments zapped very quickly
3. A response from Lumen -- no, just kidding
4. A response from ARIN, who intervened on Lumen's behalf to delete the assignments, including the ones for the circuit that was decommissioned in 2014, that I've been trying to get deleted since 2017
5. A pointer to an individual at Lumen's 877-453-8353 (Options 1, 2, 1), that I only didn't try because it came in after #4
6. The following excellent advice, that I'm absolutely going to follow the next time this happens:

"I went through dozens of old assignments of ours from multiple organizations including both of these. Look in the whois data for their IP Admins, e-mail them and follow up weekly. After 2-3 attempts, CC hostmaster@arin.net or whichever RIR is relevant. This has worked for me 100% of the time because the RIR will step in once you demonstrate the LIR is not responsive - it has only come to that for me 1-2 times out of 20-30 deletions I went through this summer."

(Thank you, masked stranger, for that suggestion.)

In retrospect, I should have gone this route in the first place, but our carrier management person and I both had a misguided notion that these things should go through the designated account representatives for the organization. What a stupid idea.

Thank you, [redacted] at Verizon, and the always good folks at ARIN, for the excellent out-of-band customer service (even though my business unit isn't even a direct customer of Verizon).

- Jima