WLAN shielding results

Thanks to all who responded to my query. I suppose I should have added
that the brass in my company are somewhat loathe to work a little harder
at things like using SecurID tokens, firing up VPN software, etc. "I want
a single login solution" is a common mantra on the top floor. OK, OK,
we're working on it... <exasperated sigh>

The majority of the respondents suggested software solutions - VPN
tunneling, strong crypto, not broadcasting SSIDs, etc. I've been somewhat
successful in relating to the higher-ups that they can either have security or
convenience, and the mileage and pricing will vary. Our VPN boxes seldom
hit 10% CPU utilization, even with 2000 users, so why not still use them?

Thanks again, and my apologies for decreasing the S/N ratio.