WITHDRAWN: Motion for Post NSF AUP

The motion I put forward for creating a draft AUP is withdrawn.
The objections to methods, words, groups, definitions, ideas,
opinions, and general noise seem to outweight the constructive
comments and suggestions.

Thanks you, everyone, who provided constructive comments,
encouragement and suggestions. The other comments were
just an example of what spam really is, IMHO :slight_smile:



I wouldn't get discouraged. You started some good discussions...I agree a
post NSF AUP is warranted. An understood "code of conduct" is always
necessary even if enforcement is, at best, arbitrary. (A good example is the
Ten Commandments).

Myself...I do not have the time/energy to champion such a cause (my work see's
to that). I WOULD support a properly worded AUP.

- jeff -