Withdrawls and announcements attempt 2


> Keeping track of the state of who got announced what is likely
> to be a very very very bad idea for busy BGP talkers carrying
> today's amount of NLRI and instability.
> There are some hacks around the simplistic "if it's in my RIB,
> I have to propagate withdrawals to all my neighbours" for some
> cases, but a more comprehensive fix would require some Thinking.
> This should probably get migrated over to the BGP list.
> Sean.

Its a solved problem, solved in gated more than 2 years ago. Dennis
did some real good work in that area. No need to continue on any

Please note that propagating withdrawals to all neighbors is
*not* the problem we are trying to solve now, as such propagation
accounts for only a small fraction of the total withdraws (see attached).

In fact, we've yet to see any empirical evidences that propagating
withdrawals to all neighbors is a problem.

Now could we return (perhaps on the BGP list) to the discussion
about the *real* issue we need to solve - ~5*10^6 daily withdraws.