withdrawal propagation (was E.E. Times?)

so talk to your provider about deploying it, don't bash
cisco who has already rolled new images


and on the point of providers, do you really think they
would continue to run code that causes them problems
(whether cisco calls it a "bug" or an "optimization")?
if providers thought it was a bug, then they would have
anxiously awaited an announcement for an image that had
the fix so that they could deploy it

You'd be amazed. Doing a router upgrade isn't a simple quick 5 second
thing to do. That has to be planned, and if people see it as bugfix
they are more likely to upgrade.

I used to keep 1 weeks worth of BGP4 logs for all of my employers
peers, now I can't keep 1 hours because of all the _crap_ I recieve
from their routers.