Wisconsin DC

Does anyone know of any decent data centers in Wisconsin, preferably
Madison or Milwaukee, that offer private caged environments or suites?

Thanks in advance.

CDW just opened a new DC outside madison or milwaukee. Operated by
burbee who they bought a few years ago.

There are a few colo facilities of note in the Madison area (Berbee,
owned by "CDW", SupraNet, and TDS has some customer colo at a few
CO's..). However, if your needs include space *and* transport/transit,
there's only one richly connected spot -- network222 (marketing name
for 222 West washington avenue, http://www.network222.com/).

If memory serves, the following networks sell transit or transport
within network222:

-Charter Business Networks
-ATT (222ww is <1000 feet from MSDNWI11 and MDSNWI13)
-Global Crossing
-Spiralight Network
-TDS Metrocom
-WIN (Wisconsin Independent Network)

There's a number of local networks who also can sell IP transit and
metro-area transport around madison, but which don't have a footprint
outside of the state. I'd be happy to provide references if you need.

Nearly every shop within network222 (with the exception of AS20115)
peers or interconnects openly at the local IX, MadIX
(http://kb.wisc.edu/ns/page.php?id=6636), which is a free service
supported by the University of Wisconsin. It's small, but surprisingly
active for a town of ~200k people. Stats at

Incidentally, my company (5nines Data), is host to several of the
aforementioned transit/transport providers, making the site a convent
spot for several applications. Cages and private suites are available;
feel free to follow up off-list if you'd like.

In Milwaukee, your choices are slim. The only "place to be" is 324 E
Wisconsin Ave. If you're able to cope with raw space, direct deals
with the building are possible. For something ready-to-go, a few of
the existing tenants, all of whom have sunk serious cash into
conditioning their space(s), are the best choice. The two that come to
mind are NetWurx and TSR Solutions.

Of the regional transport/transit shops in my Madison colo space, only
Spiralight, US-Signal, TDS Metro, and Nortlight/KDL have gear within
324E and 222WW. 324E does, however, have a local Cogent pop, though in
practice, WV has been able to match pricing and often able to turn-up
quite rapidly (come to madison, man!).

Hope this is at least minimally orienting for you (and tangentially of
interest to the list!),


Indeed, I didn't focus on it in my previous note, but
http://www.team-companies.com/, CDW/Berbee, and a few other interests
pooled resources and financing commitments to build a greenfield,
high-end facility.

More goodies at:

Berbee's original facility:


The new TEAM/CDW facility resides in the large field at the end of Nobel Drive:


IIRC, Charter Business, ATT, and Spiralight serve the facility
presently, though more of them could have arrived since I last