Wireless (WiFi) MOS equivalent?

Hello all,

Is there a WiFi equivalent to the VoIP MOS score?

We are looking for a way to measure performance of a fairly large WiFi deployment.

We have 8000+ access points (All Cisco). WE have the standard Cisco tools for managing the wireless network (ISE, Prime etc). But we are coming up short with a way to “score” the network.

Does anyone have experience with this that might be able to help? How do large conferences “measure” wireless service quality etc? We are already doing end user surveys etc. We have “soft date”, we really need data points.


I've seen some conferences do a virtual participant device that joins the wifi and reports back data.

Jared Mauch

I've seen some conferences do a virtual participant device that joins the wifi and reports back data.

netbeez is an example of one such device.


When we do large events, we use the "virtual participant" type of testing
(throughput, latency, connection time from clients we control at different
locations in the venue) in addition to regular infrastructure-side metrics
like RSSI, SNR, last known receive data rate, and system-specific metrics
(we often use Aerohive gear, which has additional metrics like Radio
Health, Network Health, Application Health).

I'd suggest taking a look at what aspects of the network matter most for
your deployments and developing a score based on the primary influencing
metrics; most of it should be doable from the infrastructure side, but you
may also consider the virtual participant option for additional data



There isn't such an animal and that's because the notion of an opinion
score for voice is pretty easy to quantify, but a good WiFi experience
depends a lot more on what you find to be acceptable for your deployment
and that normally depends a lot on your budget. What we do is determine
what our target metrics are and then measure to that, most of the
commercial APs and controllers can provide all this data, average speed,
clients per AP, average RSSI, number of associations and auths per minute,
and error counts. The reason you can't just get an industry standardized
score is that while most conferences are happy if the average PHY speed is
over 6 mbps that's clearly bad in an enterprise service.

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